ACDSee: Where Art Though


A few weeks back I received a promotional Valentine's Day e-mail. It was set to expire by the end of February so I sat on it for a week. Last week, I decided to partake in their newest deal that ACDSee sent me.

Disclaimer: I've been a very happy customer of ACDSee software since it's inception MANY years ago when it was free-ware.

So last week (Thursday) I logged onto the website, went through their enitre process and at the end of the process, I get the message that transaction can't be processed. Hmm? I tried 3 different times, different browsers, etc. Same results. WTH?

Last Friday I spoke with a sales rep of ACDSee who said he will put the order in and get it going and I will be notified when I can get my product. THAT WAS A WEEK AGO! Oh, and I had to send him my email because he couln't find the special offer I was looking at.

So here's my observations on the issue so far:

Digital River handles their product ordering. Digital River needs to update their error messages. If you don't format the Cr Cd number properly, it doesn't tell you that, it just says there's an error in my order.

When it tells me it can't complete the transaction, it gives no explanation. I've seen better sites give much better feedback in terms of my order windows. I am leery of DR.

I'm also miffed that though it's been a week, no one has contacted me. I called last night to find out that the order was ix-nayed and the sales person can't tell why. Their own sales person! So they tried putting the order in again, and even the sales person got an error message.

So here I wait, day 7, for trying to purchase a download from ACDSee. Are they getting too big for their britches. I can say they sure don't seem to know what the L and R hands are doing. Not if they're sending me special offers they don't even know about.

Despite all that, I still am fizzled about the fact that no one called or emailed me to say there's an issue. They just left me hanging. We'll see how it goes after yesterdays call.

More to follow.