Do You Really Need Good SEO? Maybe

There's an article over on jamesnorquay where they got to interview an ex-Googler and there were some great tidbits to be had from that piece!

Let's get right into what he had to say about website SEO...

On "links from a High PR" page: he said that doesn't have as much umph as many thought.  It's now a combination of PR and relevance.  Meaning if a high PR page on basket weaving links to your acid rock webpage, that won't give you as much search credit as it used to.

Beware of deploying spammy practices.  This means try not to weight your pieces with keyword storms.  Also make sure your content isn't scraped, synonymised or poorly written.  Apparently that will be black flagged by Google.

On good practices...

A good domain name, good page elements, good titles with no more than 2 commercial keywords & work on your site as if SEO was not a concern you might have.

In other words, write it like you mean it, then go back and fix it up for your SEO concerns.  AKA, add your relevant links, etc..

Don't buy links.  If you do, it's a matter of time when the Google Bot finds it and if Google blackmarks your site, you're doomed.  It takes forever to get out from under the discerning eye of Google.  I had experimented with a practice that would keep my competitors from seeing something I was doing.  (Competitors will steal from you without a moment's thought. Trust me on that one.)

Unfortunately, Google wants transparency in the world.  For me, after my experiment kicked in, my traffic dropped by about 50% and I was doomed.  I went back, removed my tricks and then, ever so slowly, in fact, way too slowly, I started to gain Google's trust back.  But it was a painful experiment, that's for sure.

I saw this article via  searchengineland

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If you can't open the source article, this cached version was available:  webcache.googleusercontent