Firefox Sync Can Suck For You

At first I thought that Firefox Sync was a good idea, but in practice, for me, it can be a real bummer and time sync, no pun intended.


Plus I'm going to chalk up my experience with Firefox Sync as not necessarily knowing all my options as I played around with it so I didn't choose effectively though for some, this Syncing across different computers would probably be a great option.

With that said, here goes what happened to me, and why I got the F* out of it!


So the other day I saw the pitch from my Firefox browser about taking all my settings and what not with me, where ever I go. I've seen this a bunch of times in the past but I must of been tired or something because I thought that sounded nice so I signed up and signed in! I followed the vague directions, OK, they're not vague, but I wasn't sure what options to choose or not choose, so I signed up.  It seemed benign enough.

But within the hour, all my bookmarks in my bookmarks toolbar were resorted from my preferrence to alphabetically sorted. That was pretty annoying. But once I put things back, I got on with my day.

When I got home, I signed in there too and let things do what they do, whatever they were.

But later that day, things started looking amiss on one of my 'home' Firefox browsers. (I have a number of systems I use personally) Suddenly, websites that knew me, ALL, started asking me to sign back in and they were all sending me emails saying "new login from an unknown browser" emails. Plus all my shortcuts in this shortcuts toolbar again got re-sorted and new ones were jammed in there related to Firefox Sync.


Any way, I stopped using my Windows systems (mostly) and started using my new Google Pixel (Remember I got frustrated with Windows Home 10 (Never buy HOME) and recently tweeted about being ticked at Windows Home 10 still.) (Oh, and BTW, Google Chrome has it's shit together... I logged into my new laptop and everything came across perfectly, including installed apps from my other machine. Take notes Mozilla!

Anyway, I thought I had settled everything with my Firefox Sync experience/problems until I got to work Monday morning. HA!

ALL my bookmarks from the toolbar were gone, which later evolved into my discovering ALL my bookmarks everywhere were gone. Wiped clean!  And my browser was looking for my home page's address that was on my other machine (I use a custom html page with my favorite links) and yet again, my usual go-to websites, instead of remembering me like they have been for the last few years, needed me to completely sign in again and here we go again with 'new login from a different browser' swarm of alerts and emails.


That was it... I was in a hurry, so of course, these little snafus were feeling more heightened in frustration.

So I wanted to sign out of Sync.  Good luck! The option to get the f... I mean logout of Sync or Mozilla's FireFox account is not intuitively placed. After a bit of digging, I had to look it up. Though the directions weren't perfect here, I did figure it out and signed out of EVERYTHING!  Sigh.

This, I believe is where things went belly up for me. When I signed out, I asked Sync to forget everything it knew about me. (Yes, they give you that option.) But telling Sync to forget me apparently involves wiping out my local brower's cache and what not, causing all my signed in, logged on and whatever connections, to think I'm a brand new entity instead of the same old user that's been logging into them for years.

So yea, FireFox Sync really "d"ucked  me over, despite meaning well.

Again, I think for many every-day users who just open a laptop/phone/desktop and use the machine, Firefox Sync is probably the perfect tool to create a consistent environment across multiple machines. But if you are any kind of a power user that may have variations from one machine to the other, like work vs personal, or Windows vs Chrome well, Sync is another story altogether. Eff me! But now I know!

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