Who Is This Spammer, IMBURNING.COM?

Today I'm addressing a particularly persistent spammer and how to deal with spammers and scammers.

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The last month or so I have been finding emails in my spam folder (first clue) from a web site called IMBURNING.com. I continue to delete them from my gmail spam folder and telling Google to keep putting them in the spam folder. I just wish that clicking 'delete forever' would give Google a faster clue and stop these stupid emails from even getting to me.

But be it as it may, they keep showing up. Today's bait titles are 'a cure for tinnitus,' because, you know, doctors are keeping that hush hush from their customers.  Also, there is no cure, but that's for another day.

Then the second title is suggesting that there is a link between toes and Alzheimers. Um, yeah, the toe bone is connected to the foot bone, the foot bone is connected...  OK, you get where I'm going with this one.

Check Out the Stupid SPAM Bait Titles from ImBurning Post
Check Out the Stupid SPAM Bait Titles from ImBurning Post

So yes, the titles are idiotic but curious to say the least. And that's the problem, the titles spark a begrudging interest that, 'hey, is there a cure? Can something be done about 'x?''  NO.

So I did a web search with the terms "who is IMBURNING.com."

Oddly, the first result that popped up for me was 'FBI Targeting One of Worlds Worst Email Spammers.' My next result was from Wikipedia, 'List of Spammers'

About the fifth link result down is a link to a Facebook page for them or a page with the same name. Nope... not gonna go there. The first few link results have given me enough of a warning.

Further down are just more results about spam email and what not.


Just so you know, never click on any link in spam or what looks like innocent or errant emails. EVER. Not even the unsubscribe link.  (Unless the email you want to unsubscribe from is something you had already subscribed to at some point in time in the past.)  Clicking on a link only confirms they found a valid email, and then they know they can sell your address to others, or even focus more on you for whatever nefarious ways.

If you want to stop junk, just use your in-line processes provided by your email providers. Sometimes it takes a while to get them to kick in, but eventually they do.

Oh, and to answer my original question in the title, well, I don't know who they are. I took the hints from my web results and skedaddled out of there though.

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  1. The June 2016 ABC News article about "FBI Targeting One of World's 'Worst' Email Spammers" makes no mention of imburning.com. The domain was first created on 2016-03-05, so it is unlikely that the FBI would have been on it in less than 6o days, no matter how egregious the spam coming from that domain might have been.

  2. Way back when I clicked on a 123Greetings e card & got subscribed to that & the unsubscribe button actually worked


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