Is Your Droid RAZR M Rebooting Itself? Mine Is

Help!  My Droid RAZR M is Rebooting itself!

The other day I had taken note that my Motorola Droid RAZR M, (on Verizon Wireless), seemed to be rebooting itself.  The first few times I thought maybe I had hit some button somewhere, some how.

Then this last weekend, while I was preparing to go running, while trying to set my apps in motion for the run, the damn RAZR M rebooted itself again.  I was wondering to myself,

"Why the {insert favorite expletive here} would my Droid RAZR M reboot itself right in the middle of me using it?"

It was starting to feel like a windows machine, or my GMAIL account that kicks me out, right in the middle of editing an email, to ask me for my password.

I wasn't thinking too much of it until today (6-3-13) when I was working on my desktop system.  My phone had been sitting on the table for at least 30 minutes, untouched.  No incoming calls, no app checks by myself, no nuthin, then blammo!

All by itself it went into a mystery reboot.

I tossed out an inquiry to Twitter and Google+, hoping to get a reply from a Motorola rep.  (Many companies have reps hovering over these venues of communication and I've had several issues from other orgs resolved this way.)  But nada.

I did a quick web search, and sure enough, it seems quite a few folks are experiencing this issue.

The statement from one Verizon Droid RAZR community go as follows:

"my Droid Razr M has been randomly restarting"  {Check!}

Statement dated May 13, 2013:  

"has been for a couple of weeks now"

{Check!  Ever since a hardware update came out, if I were to relegate this to some change on my phone.}

It's been suggested that an app is causing these issues.  And that running in SAFE mode on the phone would be a good test.

But one user on the bulletin board said,

"Did a factory reset, then phone rebooted while I was in the middle of a call about an hour later. Only apps left on the phone are the pre-installed ones."

Here's my favorite:

"Then on April 23 Verizon pushed a firmware update. It's been unstable ever since , mostly random reboots."


This was exactly what I was suspecting, since my phone was working wonderfully since I bought it.  Then the firmware update came along and the mystery reboots started happening, along with some degraded performance issues with my camera, and the screen seems darker outside too.  (Though the screen thing could be my imagination.)

So for now, we have rather hyperactive phones.

Side note: My wife has a RAZR, and after her update, she's experienced a lock up on her device.  We figured out how to fix the frozen power/lock button, but still, it's rather exciting when you're expecting an important phone call, and you find you can't access your phone!

Dang, these updates are getting crazy.  Lemme know if you've had issues with reboots or lockups also.  It would be good to collect some commentary in one place.


  1. My Raza M locks up daily. Tried deleting some apps. NO joy. Usually locks up while I am using it. If I wait it will reboot on its own.

  2. My Droid Razr started resetting itself last night and has already rebooted six times this morning and its only 10:45 am.

  3. Mine started rebooting itself last night over and over wouldnt shut off just kept loading the red driod starting thing never making it to sign on screen did it all day today till the battery completly died and was really hot I thought it was odd that my phone messed up right after I paid it off and they offered me a upgradeor 20.00 off my bill untill i upgrade.

  4. Mine reset this morning, and I lost all of my photos and text conversations, everything but my contacts and apps. Why????????

    1. I had this same thing happen to me today! I'm totally devastated, I had extremely important SAVED messages on my phone from a friend who died in war, and now they're gone! Anyone know how to recover these to any extent? I know computers sometimes save info on deleted files somewhere deep in the drive, maybe the phone works similarly?

  5. My phone has been rebooting approximately 2x per day over the past few weeks. Thanks for posting this article - I was starting to think I was imagining things!

  6. My Razr has been doing the same thing since the last update a few months ago. It randomly resets mostly at inconvenient times and my battery drains very quickly. I have uninstalled apps I don't use and I force close others but nothing has helped. I didn't actually see a solution here. Has anyone come up with one short of getting a new phone which really isn't an option for me at this point in time.

  7. Has anyone come up with a solution?

  8. My Razr started doing this approximately a week ago. Restarts multiple times. I finally do a "shut down" and let it charge for a period of time. When I restart I usually have some success for a little while (a few hours to 18 hours), but, then, the restart cycle happens again. This has been very frustrating.

    Some boards said that it might be a software problem, but I haven't uploaded any applications since this started - and I've even pulled a few (Twitter for example) that I thought might be interfering.

    At this point I will be going to my Verizon store and seeing about a factory reset...if I can be ensured my contacts are not lost...

  9. I've had this since I got my Razr M, but just today it was really bad...the phone was restarting about 5-10 seconds after startup, in both normal and safe mode. Even with the phone off, the phone would boot up after I plugged it into the charger, once the battery charging screen came up.

    I finally broke it out of its loop by putting it into airplane mode for a few seconds. Weird, right?

    1. Played with it some more and it's actually auto-sync that seems to make it restart.

    2. Mine started this constant rebooting just today as well (Sept. 21, 2015). right about 4-4:30 pm eastern time US.

      Same symptoms of restarting every 15 seconds or so.

      I can confirm that turning on Airplane mode stopped the rebooting cycle.

      This may help anyone that just wants to get all of their info off of the device before exchanging/replacing it.

    3. After messing with my phone for about 90 minutes, I decided to do a factory reset.

      The reset fixed my rebooting issue. As I reinstall things, I will go one-by-one to find out what caused the issue.


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