Caltrain on the Peninsula

I ride the Caltrain system quite often these days, as do many folks do on a daily basis for their commute to and from work.

Of late I have found myself using the Caltrain system at inconsistent or random hours throughout the day, here and there, so I have not been sure of the schedule at the various times of day I have needed it.

So I've been pulling up my web browser and have been hitting up their schedule web page, then zooming in and out and panning left and right on their web page to see station stop times from the location I'm at.

It can be a bit troublesome trying to find a train that's stopping at your station and also stopping at your destination.

Today while I was walking to the train station I thought I would take a look in my Google Play (app) Store and see if there was an app for the Caltrain system.

Sure enough, there was an app. And a snazzy, handy app at that.

Caltrain phone app

All I have to do is bring it up, choose my start and stop locations and boom... It is all spelled out what time when and where a train will be. It skips all the trains that are just passing through or only stopping at my start point and skipping my stop point.

No more of this looking to make sure the next train coming will stop or skip my destination. The results are as plain as day. And the double-arrow logo swaps the star and stop spots for your return trip.

Check it out and tell me this is not a handy addition to your collection of smartphone apps. Just bring up your app store and type Caltrain. It's by Valencia Labs.

It is a keeper in my book.

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