PHOTOBUCKET Blackmails Users - Tries To Force An Account Update

photobucket is hijacking embedded images

In case you're wondering why my old posts have a very ugly/stupid image at the bottom of many of my posts, it seems that Photobucket has decided to try and force users to update their accounts if we were using them to host images. Some are even calling it blackmail! All to force some users to pay for their accounts.

Originally, I thought I had made the mistake of trusting the photo hosting website, but it turns out that their newish owner decided to make a change AND TELL NO ONE ABOUT IT, except in how they hijacked the images on everyone and changed all embedded images to look like the above image in this post.

So much for all my tiny social media images I was embedding from Photobucket. So much for all the avatars people were using wherever, and having Photobucket host. So much for any photo embedding.

A company called Ontela bought the company from News Corp in 2009, and on June 30, 2017, Ontela, I mean Photobucket delivered a f*-you message by now requiring a $99 annual subscription to allow external linking to hosted images and a $399 annual subscription to allow the embedding of images on third-party websites like blogs and forums.

I can't tell anyone what to do nor would I suggest what to do, but I know what I'm doing. I'm going to start verifying what images I am embedding from Photobucket and swapping them out and then deleting all images I have on the site and dropping this now useless resource.

I TRUSTED this site and they betrayed that trust.

I have a very long memory Ontela. Very very long memory. It took me 12 years to get over a crap move that Samsung pulled with their first horrible attempts at a smartphone. And I sure as hell won't be looking to Photo*uckit any time soon after this.

The Verge website calls this blackmail!
Here's a great Ghacks piece on it.

With that said, if you find yourself f!d, take a look at this list of Photobucket Alternatives that Ghack put together.

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