I've been searching for about a week on how to be able to run Python on a Chromebook (or Perl or other Unix/Linux things) or more specifically, running Python on my Google Pixelbook but I've been getting distracted by all the options.


Many options suggest installing things like the Anaconda package, but those options involve going into developer mode. Getting into developer mode is easy enough, except for the fact that it will wipe out all your personal data/files when you do it.  That seems drastic just to run Python.

Then I found cloud-based Python options. But they seem more website oriented and some are not free. There are a few with the free option though... links at the bottom of this post.

There is a limited version of a Python interpreter, but YOU DON'T NEED TO INSTALL the Chrome extension because when you add the extension, it more or less takes you to the web interface that you can get to on your own. (Python Compiler Editor).

Then after all my convoluted tangle of various ways to conduct my searches, I found it... the answer to all our (Linux/Python) hopes and I found it on the Google Play Store, not the 'chrome web store,' where I've been digging around.

It's called TERMUX and users really like it, for both their phones and Chromebooks.

Unlike the collective of other manageable options that don't have that many reviews, Termux has over 31k review votes and it's holding up with a 4.6/5 rating!

All you do is install it on your Chromebook, then open it, where it then installs itself. After that, then you just run the package installer for Python (pkg install python) or whatever you want.

You can even access your own downloads folder so if you're editing in your Chromebook, you can get to the files there. Just run 'termux-setup-storage.'  (I haven't tested that yet, but things look really good for this aspiring Pythoner!)

Walla... now on to get on with driving myself crazy developing Python code.


Online and (limited but) free Python programming resources


TERMUX on Google Play:


Oh, and for the record...

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