Starbucks - How To Reconnect To A Stubborn Wi-Fi Connection

Have you ever had the problem where even though your phone or laptop PRETENDS to connect back to a Starbucks Wi-Fi connection, you really aren't?

Yea, I have that problem these days. Here's how I have and do deal with this:

At first, I would reconnect to Starbucks' Wi-Fi the standard way...  turn on my wi-fi, then tap the pop-up and said you need to sign in. But after a while, this wasn't working for me, on any system, phone or computer that I take with me.

The second method that Starbucks suggests is after turning on your wi-fi, just open an browser and go to a web address.  Then the process kicks in and you should get connected to their wi-fi.

Of course, that stopped working for me too.  I found an obscure but time-tested (by me) method that works every time for me, since the other two never work for me any more.

I turn on my wi-fi (if it's not already on) then open a browser and start to type in "repeat login." This starts to populate the web address window with the authentication link from when I was last there and connects me every time. (If I haven't cleared it from my history that is! Don't ask!)

There ya have it.

PS: I'm in the Starbucks in Gilroy CA (Camino Arroyo & Renz) and their wi-fi speed SUCKS! This is the third time I've been here and had the same problem each time. Merely loading Facebook takes a few minutes. This is weird, considering how bullet-proof their connections have been for me.
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