Tom Brady's Injury Impacts Fantasy Leagues Everywhere

by Bruce Simmons

Wow - I remember the days when a few of us would gather around a lunch room and draft our fantasy football team.  There'd be a few arguments about scoring, replacement players and what not, but nothing big.  In the end my handicapping system got me 3 out of 3 seasons of fun and profit.  Those days are gone by the way side because I just don't have the time any more to track stats like I used to.

Players pay $1-1/2 Billion dollars a year to play in these leagues. (source)  Zoinks.. I guess it has gotten bigger.  Yea, I even see TV ads referencing last years fantasy football winner... so it's big, officially.

Heck, there was even a lawsuit that decided that CDM Sports didn't have to pay licensing fees to the MLB for using its players names in the fantasy games it makes available!  That was close, but obviously another indicator that they're making so much money on fantasy sports that the ball leagues are trying to recoup some of it.  Gimme a break.  (source)

Now it's being reported that Tom Brady's injury is going to cost fantasy players $150 million in losses.  (source

Fantasy sports sure has come a long way.  And one of the things you have to be ready for is the ultimate snafu in any fantasy sport strategy:  player injury.  Especially when everyones favorite QB takes the hit.

Yep, fantasy sports have come a long way.  I wish I had the time.