Ya Gotta Love Your InBox Offers

I just love the interesting things I get in my e-mail inbox. Do these people actually think this crap works? Well, sadly, it must if they keep doing it. It's like carpet bombing. Drop 1,00 bombs get one hit and it's worth the payload.

Let's see - - First I must drop some thanks:

Thanks for...
  • "Emailing me instead of calling me" emails. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that!
  • Thanks so much for the "Investment Letters of opportunity", but I'm going broke on my own just fine.
  • The offer to "Launder foreign money for you" has always been tempting, but I don't need any new (jail) friends.
  • Letting me know I won money, but I don't want to send you my banking information,
  • For offering to help me Lose Weight I don't have to lose,
  • The opportunity for Creating Real Estate Success - real estate is such a booming business these days.
  • For the Unsecured Credit Line offers,
  • The Viagra Offer,
  • To all the Online Chemists wanting to help me with all my Health Needs
  • For the 10k in the next 30 days?? Wow, people must be lined up out the door!
  • For the "$5k referral" that sounds just like the scenario that has this country in this foreclosure panic. a-hole.
Thanks everyone. Obviously there's tons of money floating around out there that completely unknown but really nice strangers want to help give me,... but I'll just keep plugging along on my own for now.