Websites, Ad Blockers And Expectations

The Silliness of Websites Asking You To Turn Off Your Ad Blockers

I don't know how many of you there are out there, but there are enough to catch many websites' attention when it comes to Ad Blockers and what not. AdBlock claims 40 million users.

I can't tell you how often I run across websites that detect that you're running ad blockers, then shove a pop-up in your face asking that you turn it off. Or better yet, will refuse access to you browsing their site until you do turn it off.

Well, I have news for them.

For one, I run ad blockers and script blockers because I don't want to see ads and pop-ups that litter my screen. I WILL NEVER CLICK ON AN AD, EVER. I do my own research when it comes to wanting to buy things, so asking me to allow ads in my browsing experience is a waste of time.

Seriously, ads are designed to pitch products, not necessarily sell you the best thing out there.

If I come across a site that will not allow me any kind of access to their content, then I quietly utter an 'eff you,' close their tab down and then do a Google search for the subject and find another site that will let me cruise their content.

In many cases I'm looking for a site I can link to, so the site that blocks my access also blocks my linking to them. My little site doesn't make a big difference, but I can only hope many others do the same.


IN all fairness, many websites depend on advertising because many people do get swayed by the ads and click on them, whether it be to go shopping for something or they're just paying for the web hits. I'm not adverse to that.

But I won't be bullied. I don't bully anyone here on this site. I have a few quiet links off to the side and if you want to click on them, so be it. AND THANK YOU!

That is all, about web surfing, ad blockers and web sites that want you to turn off your ad blockers.

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