Links & Notes for April 15

Are Used Cell Phones for YOU?
Vonage Woes
US Department of State Caution
Free Speech, (Both Sides of the Coin)
Publisher's Clearing House
Renaming the Easter Bunny???
Home for Sale in Boise Idaho
Do Not Call List Grows
Cornea Clouding after Lasik
San Mateo Request of Caltrain
Surprising IRS News
More Vonage Woes
Thumb's Down to AOL

Watch out for Online Fraud
Home for Sale in Boise, Idaho
CD's into MP3
Are We Upgrading to Vista Yet?
Excel 2003 Data Label Issues
Satellite Radio Frequencies

Girls Gone WIld Creator in more TROUBLE
American Idol Pay Rates!
Whoops, Wrong Movie
Speed Racer, The Movie