How To Get Free Radio Classic Shows

Over on SiriusXM, channel 148, Radio Classics,  is the best ever programming, hosted by Greg Bell, where they air the radio classics from the 30s, 40s and 50s. It's absolutely amazing and fun to listen to shows that range from Jack Benny, The Honeymooners, The Lone Ranger, Gun Smoke, The Green Hornet, The Shadow, Johnny Dollar and so much more. I absolutely love the variety and listening to the content and the production values of that era, like hearing how they project Superman flying through the air.

Though I am surprised at some of the content that is aired, in regards to sexual or racial equality and what not, but then again, it is also a great reminder about how far we've come since then.


Yea,there's always a but...

As you listen to the oldies on SiriusXM, you hear ads for collections of the various radio shows and it's very tempting to drop some bucks on the offerings, but there is a free option for all the same content we listen to on SiriusXM.

There's a website called Old Radio World.

On the site it says their more popular content includes

Vintage Commercials,
The Shadow,
CBS Radio Mystery Theater,
Abbott and Costello,
Amos 'n' Andy
(Yes, the vintage commercials are fun and funny to listen to... like vintage ads for enriched white bread for fifteen cents and such.)

They've got EVERYTHING you can think of on Old Radio World. You don't need a subscription service or buy downloadable packages. 

There's a second free resource to old time radio shows called OTR.Network.

A third resource is called the Internet Archive Old Time Radio. They too have a s***load of offerings.

Aaand... Old Time Radio Downloads.

As you can see, there are alternate options.


To some degree, I hate dissing on SiriusXM.

I've been listening to classic radio shows since the 70s when they were on at 9PM on KNX news radio, and then I had found channel 148 several years ago when it was just Sirius Radio and it's been my go-to channel ever since.

But I would be remiss if I didn't give fellow consumers the option to listen to this content if you don't have SiriusXM, and you have a few options available to you!!!


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