Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What Brand of Coffee Does McDonald's Use?

Did you know that McDonald's distributes over 400 million cups of coffee each year?  And did you know that the coffee they serve is pretty damn good?  Yea, I just said that.  It's pretty smooth and depending how much or how little additives you put in your coffee, (aka, creme and sugar) can make it even smoother.  I'm not a connoisseur of things, but McDonald's coffee is pretty yummy and the perfect excuse to drop by in the mornings to pick up some other goodies.

But enough about my excuses to devour Egg McMuffins.  My title teased what brand of coffee McDonald's serves!

I looked around the web and I got a few answers, but nothing official.  It was all info from those various answer boards that sometimes, but sheer luck, they get an answer correct.  Previously, I had been chatting with a PR person from the org on another issue and I tossed out my inquiry about the coffee.

The brand coffee McDonald's uses is 'Gaviña Gourmet Coffee.'

That's that.  She didn't indicate there's a different brand, per region or season, like some answer boards toss out there.  Below is a bit about the coffee brand Gaviña:

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Gaviña Gourmet Coffee
The journey started 25 years ago, when Gaviña was asked to create the perfect coffee blend for McDonald's, and they traveled the globe in search of exactly the right combination of coffee beans. They found it in the rich coffee-bearing soils of Central and South America, and McDonald's Premium Roast Blend was born.

Coffee has always been the Gaviña family's guiding passion, and when Don Francisco Gaviña left Cuba and established a coffee roasting plant in Southern California, he fulfilled a life-long dream. His children grew up on the plantation and learned to live and love the coffee business at first hand, and Gaviña remains a family company rooted in traditional values. His son, Pedro Gaviña,  says their motto is, "Everything we do, we should enjoy."

Today, Gaviña's state of the art facility is located in Southern California. It's dedicated to creating gourmet coffee, innovative new coffee concepts, and, through their training program, teaching McDonald's employees the art of brewing great coffee.

Gaviña prides itself on maintaining a green coffee department that's dedicated to sustainability. As Pedro Gaviña points out, "Coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world, and the economy of over 50 countries depends on it. It is vital that we look after farmers and look after land, as without sustainability there is absolutely no future."

McDonald's customers enjoy over 400 million cups of Gaviña coffee a year. They have grown to be one of the world's foremost gourmet producers, who, according to Pedro, "Deliver the best coffee in the world to McDonald's."

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Here's a link to their website:  http://www.gavina.com/

FYI other McDonald's suppliers include Lopez Foods (delivers the beef patties), Keystone Foods (delivers the chicken McNuggets) and 100 Circle Farms provides the potatoes for McDonald's fries.



  1. No, your information is not 100% correct like all the other posts you found that you say were incorrect. McDonald's does not have 1 nationwide supplier of their coffee. If they are not busy ask to speak to a manager at your local McD's and ask him/her. It's on the box the coffee comes in. In my area, they use Community Coffee Breakfast Blend. No ONE supplier in the country can provide enough coffee for as much as McD's sells in a year. The reason they can use different brands/suppliers and have consistent coffee throughout the chain is the way it's brewed. I've done a ton of research on coffee and found that Bun coffee brewers are the best for drip coffee. What brand of coffee maker does McD's use? Oh yeah.. it's Bun. They get hotter than any other brewer and that's why coffee tastes better at most (not all) restaurants than you can make at home. They are more expensive than Mr. Coffee makers so thus few people have them at home and why few people can get good coffee at home. That's why Keurig has gotten so popular, not because of the variety of the coffee but at the temperature the water comes out and pours over the coffee in the pod. That's why most of their coffees taste good.

  2. What just occurred to me is that the reason for so many answers could be due to the difference in corporate owned stores and franchise stores. Franchise stores have some leeway in what they can offer in their stores. Some McDonald's sell pizza, spaghetti, lobster rolls, etc. that corporate owned stores never would. So I bet that's why there are lot of different answers as to the brand of coffee and the statement on McD's website mentions Gaviña due to it's the corporate website. You don't see any other specialty items mentioned above on the corporate website. I have seen the bags of coffee at my local McD's and they have McD's name on them but on the back in small letters says: Distributed by Community Coffee... and whatever city/town they are in, I don't remember that.

    1. McD's in Olympia advertise that they use Seattles Best.

  3. I think Mc Donalds coffee does taste better than any other commercial coffee provider.

  4. A friend took me to McDonald's for her coffee fix and I must say it is really, really, good. Have you tried it? I can't believe I've never had their coffee. I'm a Starbucks drinker, but cannot drink their decaf after noon time because there's enough caffeine in it to keep me up until 3:00 a.m. I can't believe how good the McDonald's coffee tastes. I'm hooked and just drove over this morning for my morning cup. Lucky for me McDonald's is just around the corner. If you haven't tried it, you should.

  5. I can't consider precisely how very good the particular McDonald's espresso tastes. Now i'm connected and just went over today pertaining to the morning hours goblet. Happy for me personally McDonald's is actually coming. In the event you haven't tried using that, you need to london counselling directory

  6. My thought is: Just because a company distributes a coffee, doesn't mean they produce it. They are the delivery man not the maker.

  7. I had McDonalds coffe for the 1st time yesterday because I've heard it is good. Well it is actually delicious! It prompted me to look up what kind of coffee they use, hence this post. Excellent if you've never tried it!

  8. I worked as a manager for Mc Donald's around 12 years ago and noticed they used Gavina Gourmet Coffee back then for Mc Donald's exclusive use. I've seen their production plant in Vernon, CA and I can tell at least they can supply to all Mc Donald's restaurants in Southern California. Their commercial brand is Don Francisco and you can buy it at any Vons supermarket.


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