How To Make A FLICKR Album Private!

How To Make A FLICKR Album Private!

Updated 7-15-18:

How many times have you wanted to share something with just one person on Flickr and did not want others to really see the pics? Or to be more precise, you share pics for a person and you're not sure how they feel about them being put out there on the web for all to see? We all have a friend or family member who just aren't comfortable with pics of themelves out there, or if you share photos of your friend's children, you probably want to keep those private. Right?

So how do you make a Flickr album private? Or to be technically correct, how do you make a Flickr 'set' private?

There are a few ways to do this. One is the old-fashioned way, and that's when you upload to Flickr via your desktop/laptop computer..

The other way is via your phone app.

The old fashion way isn't complicated, but like Yahoo sometimes, is not completely intuitive.

Here's what you do.

First you must know that you can't make an album private, only the pics inside it.

Upload your pics on Flickr into a new album/set. You can choose during the upload process to make the images viewable only by yourself. But if you don't do that, or you've decided to set a previously public album private, you can do this:

-Open the album,

-Click on "Edit in Organizr"

-Click on "Batch Edit"

-Click on "Change Permissions"

-In the "Who Can See These Items" Window, choose "Only You (Private)"

-Once that's done, you can now go back to your home page, open the album for you to see/review. On the header banner of the album is the share button (that upwards facing, curved arrow). Click on that.

-If "Share" is already selected in the ensuing window, that link you see in the bottom window is the unique identifier link. That's the link you can share with folks with whom you want to only share to.

If you open up a different browser, one where you haven't signed into Yahoo Flickr with, you can test your privacy settings.

At first, when you look at your photo stream, you won't see the new pics. When you look at your albums, you won't see the new album.

But once you test that 'share link' you just made and see the hidden album, DON'T FREAK!, because when you go back to your albums listing, you'll now be able to see the new, "hidden" album because you had that special link allowing you access.


As far as your phone app is concerned, there are things you can do from there to create defaults for how you update/upload images and what not.

The primary purpose of this post was to talk about creating private albums, the classic way.

If you're curious about using your phone and permissions, check out this WikiHow piece.

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