Bruce's August 2007 Newsletter

Generally Interesting Things
Money Problems in Japan? (And you thought free money would be an issue?)
Cell Phones and Driving
A Feel good Dog Story
Old Lady is Real Spoiled (Worlds fastest internet connection)
Funny news - Police Blow Up Weather Station
Los Alamos Security Issues
Cool Things in Google Earth - 7-11
Good News for Moderate Drinking!
CA Freeway Metering System (Is driving me crazy)
Dracula's Castle is for Sale

Consumer Info
RECALL - Sara Lee Bread
MySpace has too many Offenders signed up
Canned Meat Recall Grows
Airplane Ban(s) Lifted
RECALL-Easy Bake Ovens (Again)
Chili WARNING (And it's not about the social stigma!)
$1.63 and you lose your House????
Recall: Toy Castles by Infantino
Recall: Mag Stix Building Sets
Recall - Cooking Torches
Confessions of a Car Salesman (Beautiful article referenced)

Too Many Gadgets, not enough Outlets?
Microsoft and Advertising on your Desktop?? (Don't you dare Ms)
How to Spot a Virus Attack
SPAM Filter Nightmare
New Type of Monitors - OLED
Microsoft Patches ALERT
Microsoft has Glitches that Hamper Critical Fixes
Dissecting the iPhone (Can you believe people got in line to pay for, then dissect the thing?)

Real Estate
Consumers don't believe Mortgage Pitches (And it's about time!)
Wells Fargo stops making 2/28 ARM loans (And it's about time.. really.)
Countrywide - No Houseing Recovery until 2009 (Such cheery people, but it's true.)
A tax sale Horror Story (This is the $1.63 story.)
Billions in ARMs Coming Due (And who is prepared for it?)
What agents can and cannot Say (And they say a lot they don't need to!)
Dodging the Closing Day Glitch (Keep your agent honest!!)
Different Closing Costs for Different States
housing Slump Charges Onward
Silicon Valley Prices Squeezing Everyone (It's been said you have to win the lottery, 2x to buy a house!)

Earnhardt Jr Licensing
No Sleep for Jeff Gordon
NASCAR tracks in Google Earth
Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Budweiser - No More?
Earnhardt, Budweiser, Kahne
Series Title Name Change Announced to Sprint
DEI, the #8, Number Legacy
Earnhardt Jr and Adidas
NASCAR Sponsor Battles
Dan Wheldon to NASCAR - NOT

Almost as Relevant, Hollywood Noise!!
Michael Vick hits a Snag (Oh darn)
Michael Vick loses Contracts
Jim Carrey's New Movie
NBC Sued over Predator Suicide (Oh the damage they do, catching these predators)
Drew Carey to The Price is Right
Criminal Minds - Patinkin Gone
Catherine Bell, where art Thou? (A sad, freaky plastic transformation)
Michael Vick - Indictment (This man deserves what ever he gets!)
The Princess Bride, 20 years later (Eeek!)
X-Files 2
Transformer Movie setting Records
ESPN shut out of All-Star Game
Christmas Movie News, Jim Carrey
Transformers, A Review (The short of it, I had fun)
New Star Trek Movie, Matt Damon, Gary Sinise