CA Freeway Metering System

Is it me, or does the political noise not seem to make sense to you either.

I understand they say that the meter lights at the end of freeway on-ramps in California help alleviate the impending traffic jam that always occur anyway on our wonderful freeways of speed and insanity.

From my perspective, these on-ramp lights just back up traffic on the surface streets and cause me more stops and go's, hence, more wear and tear on my cars, more gas used, and what not. I say that because where I get on the freeway, I have a nice long on-ramp where I can gently build up to highway speeds, and merge gracefully.

Instead, I have some 100 ft or more to harshly abuse my engine to get up to speed and not cause a multi-car wreck trying to merge into rediculously high speed, hair brained traffic, because you know how everyone has to get to work faster than the other guy at all times.

At 6 am, I am the only person on this ramp. This light is not alleviating traffic and not filtering cars getting on the freeway. I have to go now, I'm taking my deep breath, closing my eyes, and getting ready to stomp my gas pedal for all I am worth.

See ya.