My quest - a Great Blog

So here I am, posting away, tracking my readers, seeing what blog is more popular than the others, getting ready to trim my responsibilities so I can actually sleep some time each day.

I like posting info for people, yet all the blogs with writing tips say write in depth material, make it catchy, make it personable.. or something to that affect. A few friends of mine say my dry sense of humor should make it interesting, and others say I have "beautiful" writing.

I think my dry humor is pretty sarcastic if you ask me, and my "beautiful" writing is for stuff that I write to my closest family, not the millions of people out there.. but hey, who knows.

So in my perusing for info, I came across an interesting, professionally produced blog that does exactly what I am being counseled to do: In depth writing. (Don't worry, I'll catch on sooner or later.) My title says My quest - a great blog. I meant making mine great, but as usual, I got sidetracked and found a great blog... I can be so confusing sometimes.

It's called, and it seems to be a self help, productivity type blog. Go check it out! I hope you like it.