Bruce's September 2007 Newsletter

A Conglomeration of Posts by Bruce Simmons

Hi everyone. A collection of posts I've accumulated over the last month for your edification.
I hope you enjoy!

iPhone - Increase the Time calls go to Voicemail
Outlook - Fixing Clipped Print Outs
My Tale of AOL - 8/22/07 (Update on my AOL experience)
You, Your Privacy, and Amy Polumbo
(She goofed and now says beware what you put on the internet. Duh!)
Woman gets 300 page iPhone Bill (She send thousands of text mssgs a month! HOW?)
Concerns about Google Street View
iPhone Observations and Tidbits
AOL, GMail and Email
(Application Shortcuts coming back next month)

Recalls for Aug 30th
Monster Worldwide loses User Data (That's Monster Jobs)
Credit Cards Rated (This is worth reading or passing on)
Credit Card Interest Rates can Suck (That's present tense)
Recall - Swivels for Scuba Diving Masks
Home Builders start using EBAY (An interesting sales angle)
An Observation about Home Selling (Just a rant)
College Dorms and Fire Awareness (For those with kids headed off)
Statement by Toy Industry Association AND MORE Lea...
SpongeBob and Lead Paint = Recall
One Family's Sub-Prime Trap (Egads)
Doing Your Homework to Price Your Home
Median Home Prices (Around the country)
Rental Car insight (Just a bunch of Phone #'s)
Squirrell, Squirrell, GO AWAY! (A funny product)
Inkjet Printer Tidbits
Thinking about Buying a Cell Phone

Time to Retire from THIS BLOG (I'm combining this into the consumer blog)
Foreclosures, Lenders and Median Home Prices
The Mortgage Squeeze
Failed Mortgage Lenders (A sad consequences of the ex-boom market)
Prudential's Online Seller Advantage (Gimme a break!)
A thought about Square Footage (Be Aware of the different ways to measure SF!)
Sub Prime Loans starting to impact Vendors

Princess Diana Remembered (Still a sad tragedy)
Arson at the Burning Man Festival (Now that's a confusing title)
Luke's LightSaber goes into Orbit (Never mind curing starvation)
For the Comic Enthusiast Out There: Jack Kirby
Aliens vs Predator 2 Trailer (I'm counting the days!! My two favorite movie characters.)
The Music Industry makes Billionaires BUT
The Dog free in Mexico, But NOT in the US! (Dog, the Bounty Hunter that is.)
Batman, Dark Knight Pictures (Another management example!)
Dateline NBC is still dodging Accusations (To Catch a Predator being sued)
NBC's Olympic Coverage (Oh boy, let's stay up until 3 am!!)
Michael Vick Chew Toy (I have no words for what this guy has done)

and for you
NASCAR ENTHUSIAST'S (Ok, that might be one or two of you)
Kyle Busch, Gibbs, Toyota - more
Dan Wheldon not to NASCAR yet
Wanted - One Busch Series Sponsor
The 8 Car Rumor on Drivers
NASCAR and ATT, Still going at It
Jacques Villeneuve and NASCAR
Scott Speed maybe NASCAR?
Waltrip, Reutimann, Pizza Makers (A funny sponsor rep situation)
Dale Earnhardt Jr and The History of the # 8
The 8 stays at DEI (Meaning that Jr can't take his # to his new team)
NASCAR in Primetime! (It's a 6 part series. For the beginner fan, it's not a bad intro.)
Budweiser to Pepsi, Earnhardt to Kahne