America's Biggest Mystery - The Lost Colony

The Lost Colony — 117 English settlers who disappeared from North Carolina's Outer Banks in the late 1500s, left behind a single clue to their fate. In all the years since, no one has found much of anything else.

In 1590, an explorer returned for them but found no trace of the colonists he left behind 3 years earlier, aside from a post and the word "Croatoan."

Some speculate the Lost Colony could have assimilated with the Croatan tribe, which lived to the south near Cape Hatteras. (Which the one word might explain, or some poor devil scribed the name of their attackers!)

Others have suggested the colonists moved farther inland and joined with other American Indians. Some suspect the natives simply killed the foreigners, or that the colonists died off from illness, malnutrition or in flight back to England.

It's an incredibly intriguing article, and if you like mysteries, the details about the search and some clues searchers have thought they've found, check out the AP article at USA Today.

I'm waiting for someone to suggest aliens.. just waiting....