Jose Offerman challenges arrest in bat attack

The pitcher, Matt Beech of the Bridgeport Bluefish hit Jose Offerman with a pitch Aug. 14 and the former major league all-star infielder, who had homered in his first at-bat, charged the mound.

During the ensuing melee, the middle finger on Beech's non-throwing hand was broken and Bridgeport catcher John Nathans suffered a concussion. (Guess it was a fun athlete "chat".)

Jose Offerman is now facing two counts of second-degree assault and has been suspended. (I guess weilding a bat as a weapon has it's drawbacks.)

Here's the "How to defense lawyers sleep" section:
A lawyer for Offerman said Tuesday his client should not have been arrested for the attack, challenging charges that he struck Beech and Nathans with his bat.

"I think a mistake was made by him charging the mound with a bat in his hand," (duh) lawyer Frank Riccio said. "But after that, everything is a blur."

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