Bigfoot IN the News - New Photos out There

It seems yet another controversial image has popped up making people question whether what has been seen is Bigfoot, bear, man, or some mangy combination of reality and wishful thinking.

On September 16th, 2007, some photos were snapped and have arisen of an animal that appeared at the base of the tree. The incident on the web is being referred to as Jacob's Creature ( Link for the Google Search), as the photographer's name is Rick Jacobs, a deer hunter whose stationary tree camera caught images of an unknown creature

Over at, Jacobs is quoted in saying "We have some funny pictures,” he said. “They’re in the hands of some experts.”, “We hung on to them for a whole week before we did anything with them,” he said of the pictures. “We couldn’t figure out what they were. I’ve been hunting for years and I’ve never seen anything like this.” His daughter convinced him to send them to the BFRO.

The pictures are tough to decipher (What's new?) but for the moment, the event and the images are located at this link at The Bigfoot Field Researchers Ornanization web site.

I'm not posting the images because I've seen sites that have them pulled off.. so be it for now, but the BFRO link has them, as they would seem to be the primary research organization that is looking at the scenario.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission spokesman Jerry Feaser has been quoted by various newspapers as saying the strange looking animal in the Jacobs photos is "definitely" a "skinny mangy bear." but the game commission seems to have it's own public interaction issues.

Anthropologists and primate experts were contacted by the BFRO. So far, preliminary results from the experts are saying it’s a primate of some sort, said Matt Moneymaker, head of the research organization.

As much as I want to believe in Bigfoot, this thing is on all fours.. and the mythical Sasquatch, (An Indian name for Bigfoot) tends to walk around upright. I can't tell what it is. But no matter what, the website over at BFRO has a pretty comprehensive approach to the subject matter.