How does your Website Get Traffic?

A terse / quick note about generating website visitors:

If you need more visitors to your website, you can hope people put in the right keywords, and the search engines have crawled your site or you can do a little something about it.

You can leave your web address at various websites as you visit them, ask associates to link to your website, or some other avenues of awareness that can help your site gather a web presence.

But submitting your site to the search engines seems to help a bit. It lets them know you are out there and you aren't dependent on them finding you.

Once you submit your site, don't resubmit it.. it could be considered abuse, and speaking of abuse, submit your site manually, not with an automatic submission program. It will take a while, somewhere between 45 to 60 days. But if you have well placed keywords, you should start seeing some action.

In one of my old sites, I worked aggressively at cross linking, formatting keywords and what not, and my site was the 1st site that came up within a search for a particular set of words were used to search the web. (I was first on Yahoo and MSN, Google didn't see me for quite some time.)

Here's the main search engines:

Googles form is at
Yahoo is

I liked using to check for my site. It looks at a lot of sites at once....
Have fun!