Curious Tidbit on Koi

A Curious Tidbit by Bruce Simmons

Did you know that Koi  (Those GIANT gold fish that come from Japan and reside in various public ponds and pools) have a typical lifespan of 35 to 60 years?  The oldest koi died in 1977 after living a reputed lifespan of 226 years!  Wow.

The Koi industry is a $3 billion a year industry and it's been known for collectors to pay up to 20 grand for one of these fish.

Koi have personalities just like big puppies, where they get all excited when "mom or dad" get home..  and exhibit other unique, non-fish attributes and koi owners can be superstitious where they don't eve name their fish in fears of cursing the little orange pond torpedoes! 

The article I came across touches on one man's passion for his koi and some of his endeavors that include a 13,000 gallon tank, three outdoor pools, a stream, waterfall and a holding tank inside a greenhouse for wintering over his 50 koi.  Sheesh, I thought my diecast hobby was bad!

If curious, see the whole article titled
Ode to koi: Enthusiasts cherish colors, serenity of Japanese fish
over at The Detroit Free Press.