Personal Security - Preventing Auto Burglary

Preventative Security Measures by Bruce E. Simmons

OK, you can't prevent automotive burglary, but you sure can dissuade it.

Locally, we've had a rash of smash and grabs where a disreputable sort smashes a window, and takes what they can see in plain sight.  In a lot of these cases, it's GPS units sitting on dashboards, or Satellite radios, or iPods, or even laptops.  I've had a friend have to replace a car window because someone smashed it to take a bag of baby clothes.  Then there's the loose change laying around.

Yep, the convenience of it all.  Being able to reach over for your change, your iPod or whatever else you've got sitting in the seat next to you. 

When I lived in the Avalon Silicon Valley apartments, car break-ins and thefts occurred all too often for my taste in the garage.  Every day when I got home, I pulled in my satellite antenna, (I don't have it permanently mounted), removed the the satellite radio from the dash, and piled everything that was loose into my back pack and took that upstairs.

The simplest form of prevention is not leaving things in plain site.  It's as simple as that.  Keep a nice, clean and barren interior and there will be nothing to tempt the desperate folks.  Cover things up with a dark towel or clothing item or stash it in the trunk.  More often than not, they won't take the risk to break in to investigate under things, unless you've used a real expensive coat to cover things with.. think that one through folks.