Stuff Falling From Space

Heads up.. stuff is coming from the sky!!

An Australian outback farmer is on a mission since an object he believes to be from outer space went splat (he theororizes) on his 40,500-hectare property last November.

When he first found it, he called the Aerospace Corporation, a research arm of the US Government, to identify the strange ball of twisted metal but since he's gotten no prompt answer, (No! A government office slow on the response to a UFO inquiry?) he took matters into his own hands and hit the internet doing his own research into it and came up with the following:

  • The object is a helium tank wrapped in carbon fiber from a booster rocket used to launch communications satellites. Mr Stirton said the ball appears to have landed partially on a tree stump, making a crater a few centimeters deep before rolling about 5m to its resting spot.

According to the source article I'm looking at, approximately 200 pieces of space junk – parts of satellites and jettisoned rockets – re-enter the atmosphere each year and though most of it disintegrates on reentry, some pieces survive and go ker-plunk on the ground.

Hmm.. I always joke about if my days' luck is bad enough, I'd be hit by a meteorite. Maybe I should change that joke.