UFO's Spark Our Imagination

So when life gets you down, the premise of UFO's can make you feel better thinking there's something more out there than what we have here, but in the end, it's probably just us.

Take for example, the newest wave of interest over a UFO sighting that took place in mid 2007, and for some reason, is just starting to get some internet press now.

It's called the California Drone and this is one of a few photos of it out there, spotted over Capitola, CA.

A man going be the name Raji1977 posted some photographs then after some debate, closed his email account.

There are other pics of the flying thing, this being the more interesting one:

(Screen shots of the online photos.. not the actual photos files.)

Debunker groups who live to dis all UFO reports, or so it seems, say it's an altered digital photo while fervent supporters say it's real and there are photos of ten other 'drones' that have been spotted, with the premise we are being watched. (Great, more people watching us!)

The L.A. Times published an article about the pics which has kept the debate going.

A UFO group has hired a few private detectives to figure out if the pics are real or not, but they're not making a ton of head way.

It just keeps on going, and then folks like me redirect our readers to the sights, because you need to either see it, know it, or rebuke it, adding to the raging debate of it's non-existence.

Me personally, I'd like to believe, but until whole cities of people report seeing things in the sky or I personally interact with aliens, I'm the skeptic. I've seen odd things in the sky, but after my initial reaction, I can usually apply some logical interpretation to the sighting.

That's my take. A fun subject, cool underlying theme for movies and weak rated tv shows, but so far, the government hasn't admitted to anything either, so there we stand. It's us, just us here on this slowly dying planet that we are quietly killing.

Source article, LA Times article.
Write up on some conversations with the supposed original photog.
Flickr Pics, More Photos of 'the drone', FULL size photos,