What's the Point In Voting

What is the point in voting when the popular, or majority of the voters are pushed aside for the caucus numbers?  I can get so confused by this highly politically balanced system.

"The Texas Secretary of State will release the official results of the Democratic primary on March 29th. But if initial estimates hold, Barack Obama will beat Hillary Clinton in the race for delegates. CNN confirms what others have been seeing for days. While Clinton won the state's popular vote, Obama racked up more caucus support, so that, now that the dust is settling, the Lone Star state's delegate total reads:

Obama: 61 delegates from the popular vote + 38 delegates from caucuses = 99 delegates.
Clinton: 65 delegates from the popular vote + 29 delegates from Caucuses = 94 delegates.

It seems the voice of the people themselves is lost in the system.

I'm not saying boo, Clinton lost..  Nor am I saying don't vote..  Voting is an important process for all to participate in when you have an opinion on an issue or candiditorial race... 

What I do say is this is one heck of a historical year in as much as the candidates are concerned and I'm proud to be part of this time frame where I have lived to see this, but why should I go out and vote if my vote may be ix-nayed in favor of some other number?