The Latest Randy Pausch Interview

Randy Pausch was a Carnegie Mellon University Professor with an incredible outlook on life, despite the fact that he's looking at the end of his years after being stricken by pancreatic cancer .

Last week, we saw Diane Sawyer interview him and watch some of his final lectures, and to hear him talk about his book coming out. A book he's writing for his children so they will have his words forever. The book is also his way of setting up his family so they will be taken care of. It was an amazing characterization that embodied the positive and not focus on what he's dealing with.

Over at the Post-Gazette, is an interview they had with him last week on his latest update with his fight, and to glean a little more of that incredible sense of positive attitude that he's carrying around, despite his prognosis. He's too busy to be depressed. We'll need to be in awe, yet depressed for him.