Saving the Seals

Did you know that despite statements to the contrary, seal hunting is not as humane as the hunters make it to be?

Organizations say that seal hunting is humane; but it's been documented that that the majority of seals are still conscious (though bludgeoned to the point of immobility) while they are skinned alive for their fur.

Seals (ages 12 days to 12 weeks old) are bashed in the head, stabbed with a fishhook and dragged to a boat where their still conscious bodies will be skinned.

You can make a difference. Ask your grocer where their seafood comes from (Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have signed the petition boycotting Canadian seafood) and sign petitions where you can. You can boycott clothing companies that buy seal fur such as Versace, Annika, Birger Christensen and Odette Leblan. All of the petitions and more can be accessed through the Humane Society's Web site:

Inspirational source for this post: Palo Alto Daily News Letters Column.