My Dog Saved a Baby Bird

So last week, while walking my dog, (9 yr old black lab) she stopped in her tracks to sniff something.  Being 5 am in the morning I was on auto-pilot and just lumbering along when the leash pulled tight and just stopped me in my tracks.

Normally, I just tell her to come along and she does, but today she stood her ground and would not budge.  I've never seen her do that before.  She looked at 'it', looked at me, looked at 'it', and back at me. 

"What!?"  I said out loud to her. 

She looked at 'it', in response, saying with her body english, "Would you wake up and come over her and look at this?"

"Fine.", I groggily replied.

Upon a closer look, it seems she had discovered a baby bird that had fallen out of a nest, and it didn't look too good.  It's eyes were still closed.

The odd thing:  It was not near any trees, and no parent birds were swooping in on us to protect it.

I nursed it back to a chirpy curious thing with some water and a few hours later, I took it to the wildlife rescue station near by.

End rescue tale for the day.  My dog got extra treats for her girl scout skills!