Bigfoot Press Conference - An Update on the Noise

After distributing blurry photos and offering up results of DNA evidence the stalwart party of Tom Biscardi, Matthew Whitton, and Rick Dyer held to their claims.

The DNA samples were human and possum.  The conjecture was the one DNA sample came from the stomach of the dead creature they claimed they found.  (Popular legend, lore, what have you have always leaned towards this being a herbivore, like the great apes.  Only of late have some hair brained bigfoot hunters been claiming it's a meat eater.)

About the press conference, Jeffrey Meldrum, an anatomist from Idaho University who's studied the Bigfoot phenomenon said that, "Today they should have produced a physical piece of the corpse if not the corpse itself. Until they produce the body, it doesn't matter."

Ya think.  You need to present the evidence, not talk about it in person, just like it was on the internet.  Give me a break.

Instead, we have unnamed scientists working at an undisclosed location.  I've seen the National Enquirer have better sources that that!

Biscardi is known for another Bigfoot claim from 2005.  Then, he claimed that he had captured a Sasquatch, but like this event, no beast or body ever materialized.

Do I sound skeptical of this shenanigan?  I do believe in bigfoot possibly existing.  Despite the fact that the only evidence we ever seem to have at our disposal is anctedotal at best.  I'd like to see it. 

As for today's announcement, in Palo Alto CA, far from the Northern Georgia location where this has been concocted:  My cat says, "pfft".