Friends and Emails

It's odd how email can be sometimes.

On one side of the "email coin" (e-coin), if you meet someone or find lost, extended family - try to feel out how they treat their email.  I had located some extended family recently and over zealously shared one of my email addresses with them so we could communicate.  Woops.

I now get about 30 "jokes", "warnings" and other e-paraphernalia now each day, minimum.

A near life long friend tends to also send me similar things, and they support their action with a message about how people care enough to forward things.  I'm thinking that when one 'selects all' to forward stuff, it's a rote habit, not a function.


The other side of my e-coin is when you switch email providers.

AOL puts footers in their emails, even if you pay for it.  It's f*d on their part that they still treat the paying customers like that, but switching emails seems to be painful for some.

I've left the majority of my family and friends on my AOL side of life and check that once every day or so.  But of those whom I have sent my new email address to, I don't get how it can't sink in, but it doesn't.

Tell me if I'm being too ambiguous with this message:

Hey X,

I've switched email providers and have a new email address at
Send stuff to that email address from now because I'm not checking my AOL  (AO HELL) email anymore.


Was that vague?  It must be.  Because every time they send me an email at the old address, I keep reminding them.  Oi!

OK, that's my rant for today.