And Yet Another Email Phishing Attempt - Beware, as Always.

Oh goodie, I just got an opportunity to help a Mr. Robert Rice, who went to the Bank of China, Shenzhen and for some unknown reason, instead of investing his money here in the U.S., invested it there.  Now the bank needs my help!!  Mr. Rice has died and they don't know where to distribute his money. Darn.

Since they can't find his next of kin, they picked me.  Wow!!  How lucky can I be today!  Lottery Jackpot!!!  Woo hoo.

All I have to do is send my banking information to the included email address at gmail... hmm, not a banking email?  But heck, once I send him all my banking information, he will take care of the rest.  (The rest?  The rest of what, my savings?)

Of course, if I don't have the opportunity to partake in this excellent opportunity, please just delete the email.  Never mind sending it to the proper authorities I guess.  Huh.

Today's lesson:  As always:  no one will ever ask you for your personal information over the phone or in email.  If they somehow accidentally

A:  Use actual proper English punctuation
B:  Get wayyy lucky with names you know,

Get out of the email or off the phone, look up the phone number of the institution (No, not the one they give you over the email or communication) and contact them directly.

Don't mean to repeat myself, but heck, these things need to be said.  Repetition is the Mother of Skill.