Change is Promised, But the System Lumbers On

Why is it that politicians always promise things, and people soak it up?
It's rhetoric and advertising.
Promise all you want, but you still have to sway the system that is heavily entrenched and coffers that go deep.

I know they have to say something, but egads, I am tired of the empty promises.
I'm tired of hearing that they will bring about change.
Can't we try something different instead of attacking things and opponents?
Can't was just sit down and say, this is my plan rather than high lighting the opponents short sightedness?
We're smart enough to figure that out on our own with you showing your dirty side with smear campaigns.
Oh well.
One day, I'd love to see an outline of that change everyone says they're going to enlighten us with.
It's like that "lockbox" from years past.  You know what I'm talking about.

Any how, I don't think McCain did himself any good using video footage from 9/11 or promising to continue the fight that is never ending against terrorists while getting our family members and friends killed off every day.

The jury is still out for me.

When Jesse Ventura became governor of MN, he did an interesting thing: 
He put up a web page that listed his promises that he made on his campaign.
The then checked off each one he accomplished.
He also made it clear when he hit hurdles.
His group did this themselves.
It was a fresh approach.

At least that was a refreshing approach, no matter how it turned out.