Verizon Wireless: Moving Data & Pics From an Old Phone

by Bruce Simmons :

In the middle of 2007, I got myself a new cell phone and once I had it, I wondered what I would need to do to move pictures and my phone book from my old phone to my new phone.

I called and inquired about this and the following is excerpts from the email they sent me regarding the issue.

In this case, I had already gotten my new phone so I had to go through a couple of extra hoops to reactivate the old kodger of a phone first. If you are ahead of the game, you could probably skip some steps if you've got the opportunity.\

First Things First
First, you need to reactivate your old phone to get the information off of it. So turn off your new phone.

Then if you are a registered "My Account" user, (Kind of critical in this process) you can process an ESN/MEID change online at no charge (So they told me) at and do the following:

Once using the online tool
From the "My Account" overview page, select "Go," in the "My Phone" section, which is located near the top of your "My Account" home page.
  • Choose "Activate Phone" link on the right side of the page.
  • Click the "Activate Equipment" link in the "Existing or Replacement Equipment" section.
  • Select the mobile number for the equipment change and enter in the ESN/MEID (You will have to determine this on your own!) and select the reason for change.
  • Click "Submit"
To transfer contacts, you'll need to add Backup Assistant. It's Verizon Wireless' free backup application, for folks that are registered for "My Account." This (It was a promotion at the time I dealt with this) is available for all lines on your account as long as you remain registered for "My Account" services and use a Get It Now capable handset.

When you download Backup Assistant through Get It Now, you will be prompted to accept the $1.99 charge. As long as you are registered on "My Account," this charge will be waived and will not appear on your monthly statement. (YOU NEED TO VERIFY THIS FOR YOURSELF!! Contact Verizon)

Now What?
Once Backup Assistant is loaded, you can view, edit, or print your wireless phonebook online by logging on to and entering your wireless number and PIN. Any changes made to the online phonebook will automatically synchronize back to the wireless phonebook in a matter of seconds.

If you experience difficulty with Backup Assistant, please call Customer Service from a landline phone at 800-922-0204. Please have your wireless phone available when you call.

After you have backed up the contact list, you will want to send each PIX or short video (FLIX), one at a time, to an e-mail address.

To do this,
  • Pull up the photo and select options, then
  • Send, then
  • Type in the e-mail address to where you would like to send it.

You can then store the picture on your computer or send them back to your phone after you reactivate the new phone. Please be aware that (In my specific case) you have the Pay-As-You-Go messaging package therefore it will cost $0.25 per picture to send or receive.

If you would like to add our $5 - 250 messaging option, please contact Customer Service at 800-922-0204 or reply to this email. (How nice of them!!)

Now Getting It to the New Phone
After you have backed up your contacts and sent all of your pictures to your email address:
  • Power off the old phone and
  • Change the ESN/MEID back to the new phone (this would be on you to discover!!).
  • Then add the Backup Assistant to the new phone and send each picture message back to yourself.

There ya go. Remember, I did this back in mid-'07. More than likely it's still applicable, but if not, at least it gives you a starting reference point.