Which is More Important: Bike or Cell Phone

Which is more important: The phone call on the Cell Phone or the Bicyclist You almost hit?

Here I come toolin' down the street to a "T" intersection.

The woman making a left coming towards me is desperately trying to wrangle her cell phone, holding it with one hand, head tilted to press it against her shoulder... Cirque du Soleil almost could hire her for her contorting abilities.

As she makes her turn, a car gets in her way. It could have been ugly, but still managing to dodge the car, she heads for me... she sees me. Her eyes go wide, her face grimaces... I see it coming.

I hit it hard to the right then snap left to not hit the curb! She swerves to her right, tires grinding on the pavements as we pass. We miss my mere inches... but she maintains her telephonic conversation throughout it all!!

Answer: The Cell Phone.