Writers: At A Loss For Words?

by Bruce Simmons :

There are days that the blogger who is worried about their literary image might not want to set in stone statements like "To look at the exemplary examples of.." because face it, you've just stuttered.  If not in meaning, then in visual reference in your typing.  I don't like that.

I used to use MS Word to enlighten myself of synonyms of words.
  • I'd open up Word,
  • type my word,
  • highlight it, then
  • press Shift and F7 together. 
That brings up the right pane synonym dictionary thingy and I got ideas for more words.

That's all great and what not, but what if I'm somewhere where I can't get to MS Word, or on a computer that doesn't have it installed?

Well, that is no longer a problem!

Though I like Word's feature, I found something better.  http://freethesaurus.net/

I've just started using it, but it cranks out a lot of different options for simple words.  It kicks MS's butt, and the other online thesaurus I tried, from ask dot com, really paled and actually annoyed me.

So the next time you're at a loss for words, check out the free thesaurus site.  You may just like it.  Crap...  I did. 

They even have plugins for IE 7 or FireFox so you don't need to even go back to their website.