AccuWeather My As*!!

I've always had mild issues with how the weather can be called wrong a lot of the time, and some of these guys get paid big bucks to be wrong... cool job.

But here's one thing I've noticed... AccuWeather can be off a bit every now and then...

For example, today, we have this report of light rain.

OK... but what's wrong with the following pics that were taken a few minutes after the above screen capture?:

I've always said the place was muggy... If the weathermen say it's lightly raining, you tell me which it is. In fact, 90 minutes later and they're still saying light rain and low humidity, though my poor lungs are saying otherwise on the humidity count! In the left image, there are hills in the background, but the non-muggy haze is obscuring them. Hmm.

AccuWeather said the same thing on Sunday afternoon about light rain and there was not a cloud in the sky and I wasn't drinking!

I guess they're having issues with their equipment, thought I'd toss out this humorous aspect.