Bicycle Riding Gets Boost From Bailout Bill

Right now a federal program exists that allows employees to devote pretax wages for the cost of public transportation to and from work. My company uses this to the fullest extent and it is a wonderful feature of working there.

A provision of the $700 billion bailout bill will expand on that program by adding the incentive of up to $20 per month for anyone who bikes to work. This is seen as deferring costs of riding your bike and what you spend on it.

It is slated, at the time of when I wrote this article, (10/9/08) to go into affect January 1st, 2009 and can be used to pay for tune-ups, parking, and general maintenance.

I find that to be an awesome extra for those of us who do ride our bikes. I ride 4 days a week and have been putting the miles on my bike. I've come to find out that my bike tires only seem to have a little over 1,200-1,500 miles durability in them as I seem to be wearing out my tires.

Maybe that's a lot, and maybe not. But this little waver would be a nice thing to have, and can be handy, if it is used properly. Squandering the bucks for anything else would be fruitless and of course I lay in wait to see how many people abuse this new privilege.