Looking Out for the RI's

What's an RI? It's a Road Idiot.

I was coming back from lunch on my bike and traffic was backed up at a train stop. Some pedestrians were crossing through the stopped traffic (not uncommon) to cross the street.

They both weave through the 2 lanes of cars, very focused on the cell phone calls they were on, heads down... yep, heads down, in total concentration of the call they're on while crossing the street. Nobody was looking for any additional traffic.

Had I been a road idiot, I would not have been looking for them and we would have met with utmost velocity disparity and I could have put a new silhouette on my bicycle frame.

But alas, I must always be on the look out for those folks walking or driving that are completely immersed in their own telephonic connections.

F*ing RI's.

Thanks for listening to my rant. My Road Rant.