MS Word - Some Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

Sometimes, it's just plain easier to use the keyboard than it is navigating the menus with the mouse. I can guarantee you that someone who knows their keyboard shortcuts can out pace someone using the menus with their mouse.

Not to mention, using the keyboard commands is one way to stave off the affects of carpal tunnel syndrome, according to some experts.

(Don't type the + in the commands.. it's just saying type this with the letter pressed)

To copy text, highlight it, then press CTRL+c

To paste a copied item(s) from the Clipboard, press CTRL+v

To copy and remove the selected item(s) from their original location, press: CTRL+x, then quickly add that copied text to it's new location with CTRL+v

To undo a boo-boo, or the last action (Some actions can't be undone) press: CTRL+z

Actually, these commands are pretty common across the board in many applications.