Sarah Palin - Make A Choice, Keep it Honest

I'm a bit confused and miffed.

Palin can't seem to answer questions posed to her.  I'm not sure how folks can say she held her own when she can't answer a question up front.  If that's what you want as the 2nd in command, and hear that kind of behavior for 4 years.

What color do you like Sarah Palin?
Well, there are a lot of colors out there and I've seen them all.  And we get colors in Alaska too!

I'd rather have someone actually answer a question than dodge it.  That makes me leery.

One nit I have with Palin is that she considers her family a regular, middle class family.  That's fine.  I just never realized that the average middle class American family has over $1.2 million in assets.  I guess I'm out of touch.