Tidbit Tuesday: The Mystery of 866-799-1702 Solved

Some weeks ago, I got a few calls from the phone number 866-799-1702.

No one would leave a message despite calling me repeatedly. So I defaulted to the attitude that if it ain't important enough to leave a message, it ain't important enough for me to answer.

I did some research on the internet looking around for this phone number and there seemed to be a few varying opinions on the subject.

Might as well just ask the source then! The next time they called, I saw the numbered and jumped on my phone to answer the danged call.

Sure enough, it's a call from Verizon Wireless wanting to give me a survey and tell me what better packages there are out there for my phone service.

I felt so special. NOT.

Now I'm a strong believer of not burning the messenger. With that in mind, I told the poor lady on the other end of the phone: I've done my research and I know what I need and want so I'm good there. I also told her I have no problem with taking a survey, but I'll have to keep putting the phone down to eat, and I might be asking her to repeat her questions often, so she should d what's best for her.

I then said, :Hang on one moment, call waiting says I have a call on the other line", then hung up.

I wonder how long she waited?