Tough Login Policies Annoy This Consumer

A Brusimm Rant :

In any of my other credit / banking accounts, I can log in from anywhere I want.  From home, from my laptop while at Starbucks and even work.

Yet if I want to log into, I HAVE to log in from work only.  Why?  Because they force you call in and get a security ID key if you ever log in from a different computer, EVERY TIME.  And once they do that, you can't go back to the other computer without jumping through the same hoops again.

When I called to inquire about this policy of theirs, the Chase representative quoted policies that were drafted due to 9/11 scenarios and Homeland Security regulations.

BZZZT!!!  Not! Thank you for playing but if that's the case, why can I log in to my other accounts from anywhere I want?

I smell marketing web tracking at work here folks.  It's the only reason I can think of why they'd make it so hard to access your own account.

Disclaimer:  More than likely, this won't affect very many people at all.  Most I know have their one computer and that's that.  They wouldn't even notice. 

But for those of us who use multiple computers, egads man.  Lighten up on us.  Use a certificate that we can install across the board instead of making us call you every time we change computers.