An Observation On Blog Growth and Networking

When internet travelers traverse the digital paths of the 'verse called the web, we're looking to communicate, network and grow our readership.  One of the ways to grow your readership is by interacting (<-- key word, INTERACT) with forums and posts.

What that means is that when you hit up a forum, you're supposed to leave worth while commentary.  Engage the denizens of the forum in useful banter.  That's what draws them to you.  Showing that you do actually have something to offer, of a unique nature.

The same can be said for when you leave comments in someone's posts.  Leaving comments that help further the conversation started by the post is the key to creating valuable connections and networks.

When I leave comments, I try to further the subject matter.  Not leave a single sentence with a link to my website spamming the damn thing.  It's a useless waste of time on both our parts.  Yours for writing it, mine for having to weed through it and read it.  It's pretty obvious from a distance.

I see this so often under Darren Rowse's blog that it just seems annoying and the commentary left behind, in the majority of cases, is just fodder and disgusts me to the end that I can't believe people think useless statements will make people come hoping on over to their blog.  Give me a break.

Darren had a post up about social sites and the traffic they could generate.  He shared his traffic stats and his experience.  I added to his information by leaving a comment about the statistics of generating retainable web traffic.  Information I learned when I was a real estate agent.  Yet, this and other post generate comments like

I appreciate how you think in an article like this

Truly fantastic post - one of those for which it is worth to subscribe to a blog

I didn't know you could track adsense with analytics.

And these were some of the better comments.  Yes, I am being cynical.  I blame society for this, but other times, it just annoys me that I subscribed to comments so my inbox can fill up with this fodder.

If you want to make people think favorably of you, for traffic to be generated, leave something useful behind.  Get people to understand that you have something of value to contribute to their day.  Catch their attention, not their ire.

OK, I'm done with my Bruce-Rant. Thanks for putting up with me.