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A Website Service Tidbit by Bruce Simmons:

Online Photo Services I Use

Amongst all the photo services out there, I've been using
I don't mind Picasa at all, but I don't want to swarm my storage limits for my blog image source so I preserve that for my blog images only.

Flickr is fine too, if you don't mind a restriction or two.

I end up using PhotoBucket for my personal needs for now, and I don't mind it. I have one gig of space, can choose the limit on my image sizes, if I want to, and find it mostly intuitive.

Organizing in Photobucket
I do have an issue with how Photobucket organizes my images.

I like my pics in the order that I took them. It's an easy time reference for me but Photobucket has a different idea on how to organize my images. And at the time of this printing, I don't know any other way around it, except for one that I discovered from watching the upload process.

If I want my pics to be in the order that I took them, and they'll be named accordingly from the camera, I pick the last pics first and select backwards so that the first image is picked last. (This has been in the bulk uploader, but I suspect it would work for the standard upload method too.)

Then when Photobucket uploads and does it's thing, my images are already in the order I like and I can move on without nary a bit of maintenance on my part.
Printing Pictures
As far as printing images go, despite everyone's offers of services, I like Walgreens.

It's super fast because so far, I've never had to wait more than 44 minutes after upload.
And the prices are comparable and sometimes better than the offered prices in the online services.

Not to mention, that for me, headed to Walgreens is a nice 10 minute walk in my quaint little downtown block.

Hope this was a helpful tidbit.

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