Remember Those "Victims" of the Tiger Attack At The SF Zoo??

So they taunt a Tiger, (Allegedly of course), they get attacked and the Tiger gets killed for it. 
Nice...  Zoos need more video surveilance, etc., etc.

Then they sued for damages.  Another nice loophole in the Justice System.  I firmly believe when you are robbing a bank and trip on the doorway, the illegal activity should trump any possible legal claims about getting hurt tripping on the door, but that's just my humble opinion.  (Yes, that happened somewhere.)

So I felt like spreading the wealth on the Tiger attack victims today:

Tiger-attack survivor Amritpal "Paul" Dhaliwal was sentenced Thursday.  Highlights include:
  • He must stay away from all Target stores in Alameda County
  • He's been linked to other crimes in other Targets in different counties
  • He is currently serving a 16-month sentence in state prison for violating his parole due to a reckless-driving arrest in San Jose, which involved a high-speed chase
  • He pleaded no contest to the grand theft charge in exchange for the dismissal of one other count of grand theft and three counts of commercial burglary
  • Kulbir Dhaliwal, 24, was sentenced last week to 10 days in jail for public intoxication and resisting arrest
But don't forget as his defense attorney reminded us:  "He is psychologically and emotionally wounded by the tiger attack,".  How do defense attorneys sleep at night... upside down?

Rumor and other past articles have shed an ill light on the two brothers from day one of the Zoo attack and yet they somehow have a legitimate foot to stand on... I don't get it.  Funny world, how it's developing with all it's rules and laws.

The entire article is a bit more coherent in structure...  I just had to vent. 

[ source:  The Daily Review, Inside the Bay ]