AOL Web Email Woes - Error Code: C0FE1700

You would think that after several months, AOL would actually try and fix their internet E-Mail interface. But that's just me.

Maybe they are quietly trying to coerce you to install their software? I don't know, but that's something I will never ever do again. It has behavior that I don't like, so I play it safe a keep their hands out of my stuff.

Every single day I see this the first time I log into AOL. Subsequent logins are fine. I suspect it's because I minimize the AOL services running in the background.

If you look at their suggestions, they want you to clear your cookies, clear your cache, clear your head... whatever. I've been encountering this on 4 different computers, and on FireFox and Internet Explorer both for months now, but they don't seem to motivated to make this issue go away.

I'm also tired of the new side panes where they're trying to shove AIM down my throat or try to get me to add all my different email login accounts to their service. Are you NUTS! The last time I played with AOL software, (AOLVR) when I got done installing it, it had, without asking, snatched all my email contacts and what not from my address books on my computer. No-No! My computer is my personal zone. Keep out AOL.

Sigh... it's not even good for junk mail anymore since they block emails at THEIR source now instead of send 100% of your email to your inbox. Sigh. That's OK... it's like fire. As long as you know it will burn you, knowing how to handle it still makes it a useful tool!

I've got on email address that's perfect for me. I've restricted it to only receiving email from 5 different email accounts and that's it. Flawless, in a restrictive sense.

Thank you for letting me vent!

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